Proof of Engagement Contest

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As I've promised, this contest will continue as long as there is a participant!

I strongly believe that we will choose to stay in this platform if we have a solid connection with our friends here.


The aim of this contest is to create engagement between us.

I am elated to have one participant this week. It means a lot to me--it means that there's hope. We still want to stay in the Steemit Community if we interact, build strong friendship with one another.

And I promise that as long as there is a participant, this Proof of Engagement Contest shall continue. My desire as an advocate of engagement was further fueled by the support of a dear friend @dswigle, who is both generous and kind-hearted, and contributed to the prize of this contest. I am overwhelmed by her generosity.

For this week, @erelasblog is the only participant, so she receives the all the prizes by default. Hahaha! 😂 But there were few who expressed the desire to join, unfortunately, because of unknown circumstances, they weren't able to. Maybe next time. We never know. I need to continue to be hopeful.


The Rules

  • Create a blog with screenshots of at least 10 comments you made with different individuals. It is a must that you initiate the conversation, not just a reply to a comment given to you.

  • Your comment should be at least 50 words, and not just the repeatitive, heartless comment, such as 'nice shot,' or 'beautiful scenery.' Rather, it should be engaging with the aim of getting to know each other more.

  • Leave the link of your post here, as I will be reading the comments you have made.

  • Resteem is appreciated but not necessary, for more exposure of this contest.

  • I will be the judge of this contest, and my judgment is based on how heartfelt your comments are.



1st Prize = 1.00 Steem
2nd Prize = 0.500 Steem
3rd Prize = 0.250 Steem

Should you want to donate for the prizes, please don't hesitate to contact me.


My Own Proof of Engagement












A Shoutout to Past Participants

I am inviting @bia.birch and @marblely to participate in this contest once again.

Thank you, and may this contest be a catalyst to reverse the damaging effect of not interacting with each other.

With much anticipation,


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I am a proud supporter of #FeatheredFriends



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Good luck to all!

!tip .30

Thank you, Denise! 😊

Are you back?

No. But after the weekend I will be. I just needed to find a spot to finish Market Friday. :)

Hahaha! 😂 Oh right, it's already Friday tomorrow! Waaaaah! Time flies! 😢

😀 Yes!! Slow down, you're moving too fast!

Oh dear! Can somebody stop the time, please?!? 😁😁

🎁 Hi @gingbabida! You have received 0.3 STEEM tip from @dswigle!

@dswigle wrote lately about: Trees For Tuesday Feel free to follow @dswigle if you like it :)

Sending tips with @tipU - how to guide.

@erelasblog, the prize has already been sent. Hope to see you in the next round.


This is wonderful as always @gingbabida 🌱

Thank you dear. Looking forward for your entry again. 😉

Congratulations friend @gingbabida. I wish you have many participants in your contest. Success.

Thank you @gertu. Hopefully there will be more people who will join. You can also join, my friend! 😊

Thank you for now I give you my vote and resteem. Success

Thank you mi amiga @gertu for your support! 😍

It is very pleasant to feel supported. Together we are more. @gingbabida

Yes, I definitely agree. 😍

To be honest my dear friend I didn't know you are hosting an engagement contest. Good you try this since everything I tried with the two contests of the CCC community turned out to be a "dead end". I think I engage enough and you need to do more as just leaving one comment of 50 words or more once. If people answer you need to answer again and I figured out most do not care but these days it is also hard since @partiko stopped sending notifications. I can hardly load other sites with a slow connection and do my best but am days behind. Steemreply is a problem too. I wish you a great day. I think @gertu is still the biggest commenter after me, next @sacra97 and @oneray. Who knows @olivia08 stops by too if she is less tired. I wonder how much you know about the CCC members... I never really saw a comment given by you to any of them.
I wish you a great Sunday. 💕

My time is somewhat short and I am trying to use Steempeak to publish. They just did another update and I started again from scratch because I don't understand their functions well. I currently do the challenge of @davidke20. Today is my 16th day; I started with flexions of 20 reps. My work ended at 5 am because it had a marriage was taking place. I could meet the challenge near midnight with 40 reps. My goal is to reach 100 at the end of the month. Maybe I will. I am involved in many communities and I occasionally check and ask questions. I keep learning from Steemit. I must organize myself to be able to participate in CCC constantly as well as #powerhousecreatives and #steemterminal, who have given me a lot of advice and support to become a minnow. Now my goal is to become a dolphin. I think you will do it first because I have 2800 Sp delegates that I won in a contest and I will have them until March 10. I have told some friends to send me a DM in Discord to remind me of the posts I should check and that has worked a bit. But I will review the contests that come out every day at #CCC. Right now, I'm in that community checking to take note. I really want to participate with you in this community.

@oneray Make notes which contests are when. Some you.might write in advance to save time. You can not join.everything. It's good to write what you like too. Not just an.acvount with contests only. It's not my.intention to be a dolphin I just want to.give a bigger.uovote, earn with having fun. 😁💕

Do you want to give big upvotes?
Then, you need to be a dolphin, my dear

I just have started this contest a couple of weeks ago. And I don't know how long will this last, but I will try. 😊

I'm just starting to get to know the CCC members, as I am challenging myself to interact with some more. For now, I get in touch with @olivia08, marblely, and @gertu more than I used to, and @diosarich as well. 😊

Thank you for resteeming this post. I appreciate it a lot. And hopefully, you may be able to join too!

Have a pleasant day. 😉

Thank you so much amiga @gingbabida
Steem on!

Welcome dear @olivia08. Hope you could join the contest too! 😉

I love reading them and sharing my topics, a hug @wakeupkitty
@gertu, @oneray, @olivia08 me encanta leerlos, dar apoyo a CCC members.

Congratulations friend @gingbabida

Thank you so much.

Hola amiga @sacra97. Me alegra leer tu comentario. Todos somos miembros. Unos más activos que otros. Estos últimos cambios están fuertes. Casi no te veo. A veces no consigo las publicaciones y el tiempo corre muy veloz. Un abrazo amiga.

Puedes encontrar a tus amigos en ese link de la comunidades del lado izquierdo dice amigos en ingles, My friends, ya nos iremos acostumbrando a estos cambios @gertu

Así es. Es cosa de costumbre. Dicen que los cambios siempre son buenos. Esperemos que este también lo sea.

Thank you for the hug. A big hug for you for sharing with us and being so active and a great member! 💕

Thank you @sacra97. I would love to see an entry from you too! ❤

@dswigle is one of the most beautiful hearts on the Steem blockchain! We are blessed to have her! God luck with the contest - I hope you have a super turnout this round!

Oh yes! Denise (@dswigle) has such a kind-heart, I often reflect on myself how I am doing. Hahaha! 😂

Thank you so much for dropping by @jaynie. It means a lot! ❤

My pleasure @gingbabida :) It is nice to see people doing their best to make positive waves around here! Keep up the momentum (even when it is slow) x

Thank you for the encouragement @jaynie. I will, as I see people staying positive as well. 😊😊

There will be "days"... but don't let them get the better of you! Better to shine a light than the opposite :)

Hahaha! 😁😂 That's a brilliant idea. I'll keep that in mind @jaynie. Thank you. ❤

Hereby my entry. I can not post it with my other account and @esteemapp. If I try to do so it goes back to my own post. Strange.
I assume you will read it all including those 10 comments. Enjoy the teading. 💕

Posted using Partiko Android

I just did. And I also replied. Thank you so much, Kitty! ❤

An upvote for you. Great you host a contest! We hope many will participate and above all start commenting. Greetings @team-ccc

Thank you so much for the upvote @team-ccc. I appreciate it so much! 😍

You are welcome and deserve it. Enjoy your day. Greetings @team-ccc

Thank you. 😊

Here is my entry.

Hope you'll get more participants. It is actually quite the fun scrolling through my old comments that I never did actually done before 😅

I usually scroll to my replies to make sure that I didn't miss anyone hanging without replies.

Hopefully, I would have many participants to help this contest gain some exposure. 😊

Thank you for participating! 😉

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