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So in the recent wake of the the takeover tide, we get to know after testing how deep the waters are, and that's me. You should check me out in my contribution soon to the blockchain ecosystem. Also on that point, do we all believe on the sprouting idea that forking the chain is the much needed cure to the present threats? What happens to the Steem token that is already listed? Are there market survival chances for our dear token or better still what lies ahead?

Forking the chain

Is it really the much needed prescription to the ailing chain? My biggest concern is the idea of having to fully approach the market listing once again and the long it will take for the listing and prices to effect. Don't get me wrong, all I mean is good for steem but again there comes a positive and negative blade side of this view. I have seen a good guy who was part of the design process here on steem, in his post, designing a new blockchain site fresh from ground which I believe is the best way forward as opposed to just having the clone which might inherit some of he problems we have with the current site.


I am no longer going to be here in as far as posting is concerned, I need to dive deep into the art of commenting since that's what might end up not draining me in expecting nice upvOtes to my worthy posts which ends up drained on dust upvotes, don't get me wrong, I have clean intentions.

Long ago it was judged and ruled out that indeed the way to create engagement s or even build better relations and support base was through commenting and lucky enough many of us are more of following their own paths as opposed to engaging.

I trust you were all here when Nathanmars dropped countless initiatives on @dtube commenting #dtubesnap #dtubesnapplus and other countless initiatives that ended up opening many eyes to the many initiatives that are present right now. One big thing that I learnt by then was the art of connecting gin line with commenting. That's where am headed now, comment, comment, comment and another comment.At the end of the day I'll end up with a thousand connection which in turn will end up haunting my unvoted posts, that's the plan.

Let me abort the planned ideas and mission all for the sake of developing myself first and the latter diving into another category of posts.

In the meantime, be in a community where you are not only valued but you are also inputting a better chunk of your knowledge. Vote for the right guys as witnesses.**

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