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Question : Prove: PAPA = MAMA..
Pressure(P)= Force/Area= P = F/A∴F = PA ⋅⋅⋅⋅ eqn (i)
Newtons 2nd law of Motion,
Force(F) = (M) ×(A)
i.e F =MA ⋅⋅⋅⋅eqn (ii)
From eqn (i) and eqn (ii)
PA = MA..
(PA)² = (MA)²


😂😂😂these people have arithmetic equations to almost everything

Very true, engineers are great people in this world of ours. I just wish we were all engineers.

Wow.them days

Physics was a great deal until we left school, wait, do we use physics in real life throughout?I hated how physics classes occupied the whole time table

I hate Physics but I love the engineers intelligence in working out some of these formulas. They are very creative..

This is for sure that engineers are very creative, actuaries are also creative, @mikeguru

I am an actuary, very creative and innovative. However, Actuarial Science is quite tough. The statistics and probability really exhausts. Thanks God I managed the course. I was almost giving up in my third year.

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Force=mass × acceleration


Good old days of physics

Real physics, wait, it still sounds fresh in my mind.

Engineering isn't the most important thing. Love is

What programming language is that? Very interesting codes right there.