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Hello to all my steemianos, today I want to tell you or more than that to convey a brief explanation of what was a great movie for me, every time I see it inspires me and motivates me to pursue my dreams.

The game that made history


In this story, Francis Ouimet, champion of the US Open of 1913, changed the life of the Americans by ending the hegemony that England had in golf.

¿Because I say it was a great movie?

One of the main causes is their level of motivation, and the other that was a real life story. Although his father did not agree with what he was doing, and that he only received the support of his mother, he did not give up on his dreams. He was always motivated and determined to achieve what he wanted, while he had to overcome many adversities such as the restrictions of era where people with fewer resources could not practice golf and as I said first that of their father who refused to practice it.

! A great friendship!

Due to the sudden absence of what his caddy was going to do, he had to turn to a 10-year-old boy who would eventually become his best adviser during the tournament and his great friend for the rest of his life. The name of this child is Eddie Lowery who ended up being a multimillionaire person when dedicating himself to the distribution of automobiles. This is the part that I love the most because it teaches us to value people and to have that feeling that tells us that if there is true friendship and that despite the many obstacles that come our way, they will always be there to support us. and help us continue.

The big end

Who would have thought that a simple amateur could defeat the best player at that time the English Harry Vardon, also with humble origins and whom Francis Ouimet admired as a player and human being. Francis defeated the number one change the history of golf in the long run being one of the best golfer in the United States by then.

I hope you liked my brief review of the movie which leaves us as a thought.

"Be yourself humble, hardworking, and above all do not give up your dreams that hopes are the last ones that are lost and can lead you to achieve success."

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