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Hello to all my steemianos, today I am very happy to participate in the dynamics of THEMATIC VOTES sponsored by the team of @minotaurototal to which I thank all the support. To begin I will comment on the following topic:


A legend is a folk tale or a narrative, typically transmitted from generation to generation orally. Generally, the story is located inaccurately between the myth and the true event, which gives it a certain uniqueness but with time can be translated into a writing (which will ensure its durability).

This makes us reference to a well-known legend that varies from version in many countries, for my part I will comment on a very well known here in Venezuela that has its point of reference in the plains where there are very long dark roads and with a lot of mountain to their sides.


La Llorona:

Legend has it that she was a very young woman who had love with a soldier, product of that love I am pregnant with a girl giving birth when I was very young. The soldier abandoned her and she, as she had no idea how to raise a girl, and desperate for her crying, saw no other way and killed her with her own hands. When the young woman saw what she had done, she began to cry and scream loudly, which attracted neighbors and relatives. Seeing what happened, they cursed her. The young girl ran to the plain and became a fright. Those who have seen her say that she is still very young but that she is transformed and they see very grotesque traits, and she is always crying, frightening everyone and stealing children who are alone, either in their homes or on the banks of rivers or streams. Usually, you will hear him cry during Holy Week times.

The first time I heard this story I was 12 years old, my brother and some friends who were in the house drinking and hanging out called me to listen to a story of fear that could be heard on a cassette radio at that time. 11 at night, to put it and pay attention to the story immediately I felt that everything was silent that I was really listening to her cry so much that when I went to sleep I could not do it in my room and I ran to my mother crying in fea.

If this story happened to me the truth I do not know what I would do, just think that a woman on a road, forest, town, among others, would appear crying saying! My daughter My daughter! and then change his appearance is like to go crazy in a mental hospital right away if he is not killed by a heart attack hehehe.

I hope you liked this story, and any suggestions you have will be well received.


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