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Hello steemianos friends today I want to share with you a post dedicated to a great Cuban singer that for me is still living in the hearts of each one of us. and that great singer is:


How not to remember a woman who marveled at his voice, his sincerity and his love for the Latin, with his lovely songs that when listening to them made us dance. I still remember a party I went to and where they were all at their tables with bored faces without any motivation but when it started to sound ** The black woman has tumbao ** that was immediately everyone on the dance floor, that shows the talent of an artist who with his music can quickly change the mood to a person.

Celia Cruz was a very strong woman, born in Havana Cuba on October 21, 1925, because I say it was very strong for the simple fact of fighting cancer, and even being in poor health, went on stage without showing sadness and pain and gave us his great voice and his famous expression SUGAR, always transmitted us that desire to live to get ahead with their beautiful wigs of different colors. One of the songs that I love the most and would like to share with you is I will live.


Another facet of Celia that is a great example and especially in these times in which the courtships, or marriages do not last absolutely nothing, was the years she lived with her partner Pedro Knigh, who stayed with her until the end of his day, supporting her in everything and at the same time she was part of the musicians of the Sonora Matancera group, all the decisions regarding her career were made by her letting her understand that Pedro Knigh was not dominating her career as an artist.

I hope you liked this short summary of this well-known artist and of which today I have decided to comment so that her story is kept alive and we can always remember her.

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