Coast Surf and Life !!!

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Dream Machine !!!

I am very happy to have this blog, I am very excited to tell you about daily life here on the coast of Ecuador, here you can see some surfing, music production, and some adventures since every day is different.

02/20/2020 Today was one of the best day here in Olón, it was raining when it happens that the sea is class (clazzy), it was perfect to enter at 11 am, the high tide marked 14:30, so it was a good time, today I took a left wave that I will not forget for a long time, talking about other things that the weather has changed here in Olon, now it is raining 3 days ago and only at dawn at this time it is raining It was also rare to change tide that is suffering, for example, yesterday I went surfing jellyfish was full, it was bad for a few, some stayed, I suffered more than 15 bites of these creatures, but I'm still very good but it burns and really burns, fresh breakfasts and The seafood is at the time of today, lunch on the beach was perfect for lunch, the afternoon was relaxed, I was working a little on the computer, and well writing what you are reading, thanks for your time!!!

The day ended well, the boys enjoyed a day of surfing in Olón and La Entrada, Santa Elena and Manabi Ecuador were the places !!!

Well if you like the idea of ​​reading further, you can support the following link, it is voluntary but I would like to make a video for the children and surfer of this litle town, you will be the witnesses of this great adventure !!!