Novel: Beyond I: Born / The beginning of my literary franchise

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A novel full of science fiction, fantasy, drama, suspense and backgrounds to existential doubts and personal problems. Do not miss it!


The time has come for the born to expand.

Chris Moore has lived hiding his true nature from society. He has powers that he does not understand and of which he does not know their origin or the limit in the growth of the skills that they confer on him. There are only mere mentions of people like him in myths and legends, beings called Gods in antiquity, Angels and Demons in religions and to which popular culture now recognized as Superheroes. However, it does not bother Chris not to know the origin of his qualities, he is worried about his present and his uncertain future, because after several tragedies that will make him find himself, he will be forced to find a way to continue with his life and Make decisions that will forge your way.

A path that will be joined by people who like him have suffered a lot, each with different ideologies, and who will be supports and obstacles during the journey that Chris will face. A journey where light and darkness become imperceptible, where people demonstrate to be gray but in different shades and where colors are affected by the most violent and inhospitable contours that decisions can generate. There are only doubts for Chris and his companions, there is only mystery for a society that increasingly loses hope and there are only opportunities for those who move in the shadows and who want to plunge everything into eternal chaos.

The darkness and the colorations contrasted. Chaos enters into a fight against order, causing many to bleed.

And your eyes with colored lights will collide with each other to preserve what they think is right ... even if some are wrong.

A story where the characters are so human that you can not help but feel empathy for all of them.

Beyond I: Born is book 1 of the Beyond saga, the core of a franchise of books and sagas that nourish my universe. This novel starts everything, you could say it's like my Iron Man from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but even more than that, Beyond I is an extensive work, full of characters with backgrounds and varied personalities, each of them has a reason to be and interrelate in a plot of the most mysterious and exciting.

This literary universe of mine is also part of a Multiverse called Syklus, which I founded and joined several writers friends of mine, there our stories are related to each other, Can you imagine a place where dozens of literary characters, rich in history and completely sagas Do you want to meet again? Well, Syklus has already happened and will happen several times! Do not miss these unforgettable stories.

Available in Wattpad!



Soon Chapter 1 will be here so you can enjoy it. The book and its images have been registered under my authorship in Safe Creative. In Wattpad it will remain until you find a publisher that can publish it. That was all for this occasion, my dear friends.

See you later!


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