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Hello friend of steemit

Yesterday it turns out that I look in the mirror and do you know what I notice? Well, I'm in little weight gain this is because I recently gave birth to my baby and during pregnancy I gained some weight thanks to all those cravings that I got haha, for that reason I decided to make a decision on meals , I have to start eating healthier and why not start by making those salads of vegetables and vegetables that help us a lot for a healthy diet.

One of the salads that I like is the green salad as I like to call it, and here I want to show you how to make it and the ingredients you will need.


Source: https://t2.rg.ltmcdn.com/es


  • Lettuce
  • A head onion
  • "Mature" red tomatoes
  • A small cucumber
  • A small red paprika or if you want it green
  • White cheese
  • Spinach
  • Oil
  • Vinegar, salt, pepper
  • Salty bread
  • Mustard


Before starting to make the salad you should wash the vegetables very well, and make sure they are clean before using them.

To start making the salad, get a large fee and begin to tear the lettuce with the hands and the spinach tries to chop them into small pieces.

Now you have to cut into slices the tomatoes try to make the slices very thin, then cut the onion into very thin rings, the paprika into thin strips and the sliced ​​cucumber without peeling it.

Then proceed to chop the cheese into pieces just like the bread.

After you have all the chopped ingredients you can mix them and add a bit of oil, vinegar and a touch of pepper and salt, I like to add a touch of flavor by adding a few drops of mustard.

After you add everything, mix and ready you will have your salad is ideal to accompany your lunches and dinners.
I hope you like it and give it a good taste to this recipe.

Thank you.


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