My trip to Spain - L'Estartit.

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Spain is one of the most attractive destinations for a number of reasons. The Country is wonderful, it has so much to offer the visitors. Not in vain is the third country in the world that receives more tourists.
Like i used to tell you Steemians, I'm a budget traveller who goes off the beaten Track, so that's why L'Estartit was my destination in low season.
For the Steemians, who don't know where this town is, L'Estartit is a small town and a seaside resort on the Costa Brava ( The north-eastern west of Spain ).

L’Estartit was once a small fishing village but due to its dual benefit of gorgeous rocky coastline in conjunction with one of the finest and longest golden sandy beaches on the Costa Brava, L’Estartit has redeveloped itself after careful planning, subsequently turning itself into a delightful resort location that takes complete advantage of its gorgeous coastal position and beautiful scenic views.


Visitors coming to L’Estartit will obviously visit this beach. One can view the Medes Island and Roca Maura from this place which is filled with many establishments that offer cruises, deep water activities and boating options for the visitors. The peaceful beach is a 5 km (3 mi) stretch of fine sand and fronted with shallow waters which is the best place to be, if you are visiting this place with your family or your LOVE ( my case ) :D


The Medes Islands are indisputably the climax of your trip to L’Estartit. This small group of islands formed by the seven islets is a mere mile (1.6 km) from the coast of L’Estartit. The Medes Islands are one of the most significant marine reservations in the Mediterranean and fascinate thousands of visitors every year. The options for nautical and sub aquatic activities bring joy to the tourists and locals alike who respect the safeguarded area.


We had a blast on the trip, it was pretty fun. The locals were very friendly, the most of the locals are moroccan :D ,
so it was pretty easy for me.

So know let's get to some facts that i got to know about Spain on that trip,

#1 Spain is the third country in the world behind France and USA that receives so much tourists

#2 The Center of Spain ( Puerta del Sol ) :


Madrid is not only the capital of Spain. It's also the geographical centre of the country. That's why if you are getting around the city center, you might find Puerta del Sol what means " The Sun Gate ), which is the centre of the country and the spanish radial road system.

#3 Don Quixote, Best book in history :
The first modern novel is Spanish, The book translated into more languages after the Bible and the one that holds the title of " Best book in history "
--> it was written by Miguel de Cervantes in 1605.

#4 Around 406 Million people in the world speak spanish :
Spanish is the second language in the world with more native speakers. It comes right after Chinese and before English. The language is spoken throughout the American continent and in some places in Africa and Asia.

#5 In Spain, 4 co-official languages are spoken :
The country other languages like Catalan, Basque, Galician and Aranese.

#6 The oldest restaurant in the world :
Although other restaurants claim they are older, the title has been awarded by Guiness World Records to " Restaurante Botin ", which has been open since 1725.

So that's it for my today's english post, stay tuned for more.
I'm gonna post later in italien.


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