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My name is Richard

Please join me on discord for free, live, audio, ESL lessons https://discord.gg/BNMgCKt

I will be using Steemit and Discord as a platform to teach ESL as all the components are here for written, visual, and audio instruction.

all images downloaded from pixabay + steem image with https://pixlr.com/editor/ and uploaded to dirtyimg, feel free to use

I am certified to teach English as a second language by Oxford Seminars. I also have a Bachelor of Business Administration with a minor in English. Today, I begin teaching ESL on Steemit and discord with my first lesson.

Learning ESL (English as a Second Language) is useful for people that have been learning English, but could benefit from learning and speaking with a native English speaker to gain a larger vocabulary and improve grammar and conversational skills.

I speak some German and Spanish but I am not proficient in either. But that is ok. These posts will serve as a basic grammar course in English. This will also be an opportunity for me to improve my German and Spanish and to learn more languages as I am always a student of linguistics.

Lesson 1) Introducing yourself

Today we will do a basic introduction.

Me: Hi, My name is Richard.
How are you?

Mary: Hello Richard, my name is Mary.
I am fine, thanks. How are you?

Me: I am doing well. Thanks for asking
Where are you from?

Mary: I am from Guadalajara, Mexico
I am a medical student.
How about yourself?

Me: I manage a family owned business and I am from Texas.
Where are you studying?

Mary: I am studying at the University of Texas in Austin...

If you would like to practice this conversation with me or if this was too easy and you have a question about grammar:

Speak with me here

ESL on Steemit

I think this can be a valuable service as I know there are many Steemit users around the world, especially in India, Brazil, Germany, Russia, Mexico, and many more!

If you would like to practice your conversation skills with me on discord please click here There is no question too simple or too complicated. I welcome all levels of proficiency.

Please contact me or leave a comment telling me what you would like the next lesson to be about.

examples: grammar - past participle, vocabulary, idioms, pronunciation, etc.

Please help me by translating this post to any other language!


Very good idea. Hope you get some costumers.

Thanks @oldtimer! I hope so, too! I have enjoyed volunteering as an ESL teacher, but have not had the chance to teach in a while, but today I realized that there is an opportunity here!

lol, I just noticed your halloween pun there!

This is a great idea:)


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