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Today I bring you a list of exotic and unusual endangered birds according to conservationists, american and british scientists. The birds are characterized by their great diversity of sizes and colors and among these're the 7 rarest in the world.


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The monster bird that eats his brother! In competition for parental attention, they kill their brothers.
The peakshoe is characterized by being a species of pelecaniform, gray in color. It is a bird that has a prehistoric appearance and is named for its large beak, much like a shoe.


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The puffin is a sea bird that has a very striking combination of black and white on its body. Puffins can dive for up to a minute, but generally remain submerged for only 30 seconds. If it is attacked, it grows larger, spreads its wings and opens its beak while striking its paws against the ground to intimidate its opponents but if they do not want to fight on the contrary, a puffin that walks in front of another's nest, will put its It peaks in the chest and will pass quickly, indicating that it is only passing.



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The frigate lives in mangrove forests, in marine environment and coastal area. Females are larger and have a white spot on the bottom and males have a large red pouch located in the throat called the gualar pouch, which when inflated looks like a red balloon that is used to attract females during the mating season. .



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This bird's beak is worth three times more than ivory! This eccentric bird from Asia is threatened by poaching of its precious keratin beak. The kilo of this precious product can reach 6,000 euros.

5 Pooto

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The ghost bird. They are nocturnal animals with plumage that during the day gives them the appearance of a tree trunk. When their eyes are open, the animal acquires a comical and terrifying aspect that cannot fail to attract attention. Each country in which she lives tells a different story about her, some relate it to witches and the devil, others say that by breaking their wings and legs they will be healthy from all diseases or that their bulging eyes serve as an amulet so as not to get lost inside of the forests.

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