The Expanded Canal

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Probably one of the engineering feats carried out by man, a challenge to nature and the cost of many lives to carry out a canal through the narrowest part of Central America and thus unite the two oceans; Atlantic and Pacific as a route for maritime transportation that has served world trade for over a hundred years.

In view of the fact that the traffic has increased as well as the size of the vessels, the Panama Canal had to be updated to the times and that is why they built a new canal adjacent to the first to thus accommodate larger vessels.



Its original cost for construction was approximately between 3 thousand and 5 thousand million dollars, but the cost overruns brought the project to more than 6 billion dollars, after setbacks and cost overruns in 2016 it was inaugurated.

To date, the Panama Canal with its old and new locks continues to be the route of many shipping companies seeking to shorten distances.

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