ENGRAVE - next milestones for Steem powered blogging platform

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Thank you for the submission. Engrave got a lot of attention, the idea behind the project is really cool. For a new project to record hundreds of submission, it's a pretty nice start. The project milestones are really intriguing and will definitely have a lot of positivity on the platform. Improving the users experience and growing the user base. The "Engrave for team" sounds very promising, which allow multiple users to add content to one post. Pretty great!

That said, I found some issues of grammar, typos and some misplaced words in this post. Those typos could have been avoided if you had checked your post thoroughly. I'd suggest that you use some grammar assistance service to improve the typos and grammar in all your publication to avoid some minor or significant issues. Service like Grammarly (premium version) would be cool.

Thank you for sharing those milestones through Utopian. I'll be looking forward to your future posts.

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Thank you for your review, @tykee! Keep up the good work!

great work guys, we made a post for the italian community so they can appreciate your valuable project - link

Awesome 👏 thanks for listening to feedback and delivering

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Our pleasure :) You guys rocks giving us so much feedback!

Hey, @engrave!

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Excellent, I resteemed and upvoted again. This is great, especially the teams part.

There is one thing though about the editorial team project. Would it be possible to somehow prevent the posts from going on other block explorers? Such as Steemit? I would like author posts on my block to end up on the Steem blockchain to be voted on, but I don't want the blog posts to be on Steemit or busy, just my blog location.

Also, content access is important because I want to create an investigative journal for the Steem community, but the business model requires SP delegation in order to obtain access to content.

If this is too difficult to implement, could wise team set it up so we can choose if author posts will go to blockchain or not? This way I could just use SMTs to compensate journalists for posts and they could receive high value upvotes in exchange for the SMTs later on future Steem-based posts. Still, the ability to limit access to only SP delegation subscribers are going to be crucial to my future business model.

I would like author posts on my block to end up on the Steem blockchain to be voted on, but I don't want the blog posts to be on Steemit or busy, just my blog location.

It's technically not possible.

[...] could wise team set it up so we can choose if author posts will go to blockchain or not?

It is ;) Right now Engrave for Teams have the possibility to add "Static pages" which are not added to Steem blockchain. It could be extended to standard articles as well.

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You guys are on 🔥!!!

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wow, you guys are staying on top of it. exciting to see and lets keep at it.

resteemed (-:

Thank you @clumsysilverdad! You're doing a great job with your blog!

Excited to see this happen very soon lads.

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Stay tuned and make sure you follow our account :)

I might have to check this out. Does it also post the whole blog to the Steem blockchain, where it could be viewed on Steemit or Busy?

Hi, I was having trouble posting/publishing my blog this afternoon after several attempts.

Also, I see your last past is 10 days ago. You should post more often to promote your site here on STEEM blockchain.

ty / peace

Hey @engrave! I have created a test blog on your platform. Now I'd like to buy a domain and start blogging seriously. How can I change the test blog settings? Or delete it and start a new one? Or maybe there is a support for multiple blogs per account I simply cannot find?

your site and communication has let me down.


I would love to use this for some projects and two communities on the blockchain. Do you guys can provide a release horizon or let us use it as a trial or something like that? That would be awesome!! Thanks for your short answer :)

What exactly do you looking for? Engrave is released and can be used even right now :) If you are looking for Engrave For Teams we can try to setup demo for you but it needs some refinements as it is still in beta. It's working fine but some features are missing etc. If you are interested just contact @nicniezgrublem at Our Discord.

I thought weeks waiting for an (free) account is not the case anylonger?

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We're trying to gather enough Steem Power to make it possible. Right now we are only able to create single account every 4 days. But we suggest to use Steemfounders where you can create Steem account in an hours.

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