And...? What exactly is wrong about selfupvoting?

You can do. But if you upvote your comment that is useless everytime and its a lot of value with your vote i can just downvote it. It was about the arguments presented earlier by haejin.

At least you should be ready to get downvotes when you selfupvote.
Haejin wants to manover hisself in a position that he can selfupvote no matter what he writes.
And he wants a world where he only gets huge upvotes and nobody is allowed to downvote.
But Downvoting is usefull.
Haejin playing the victim.

du bist der verrückte fick aus deutschland
The one who sent crazy, drunken and incessant psycho wallet messages...hmm, still the same!

Excellent information will definitely take note, thank you.

And you are the one who wants to tell something about censorship.
There is no reason to flag some posts i made to invisibel.

But you do.

The problem with you is that you think you are right.
Maybe i can admit what i say or write.

But you are the real crazy because you are looked inside your thoughts.
Your presentation here on steemit is also incessant.
I dont get this point.

Do you know how to use spamfilter?

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