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I like this competition because I live in southern Burgundy in France, in a beautiful region but I often think that my village is the ugliest in the whole region. So I began to look at it positively and I walked, armed with my camera, through the few alleys and gardens that surround me.
I first discovered with surprise a pretty little carved stone that adorned the wall of a barn.
Then I met these two scarecrows in the garden of the Mayor of my village and I had the impression that they were waiting for me to participate in the contest @ amaminuki.
They took the break, smiled and by their expression I realized that small happiness is at hand and in a glance.
Theirs said it all: happiness to exist, to admire the birds nearby, to hear the children laughing at seeing them, to see the smile and listen to the comments of the greatest, to feel the caress of the wind and the scent of the flowers and vegetables that grow at their feet, to hear the lapping of the river and to have the gardener and his wife, who never fail to greet them in passing.
Here are the tips of @ aminuki to participate
Go out and take pictures of all the little things you've never noticed that make your home BEAUTIFUL!

Note: To Qualify for rewards that I am sponsoring, the post needs at least 200 words of original writing describing the scenes.

All the best!


ok I will do it tomorrow.

I did it. Thank you @freedomshift.

great! thank you!