## Serie Recommendation!

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Hi dear friends!

I hope you’re having a great life...

This oportunity I’m going to recommend you a serie that I meet by the recommendation of my BF, *Sense 8*, I have to admit that I was a kind of reluctant at the first time that she told me to watch it, but barely I watched the first episode, the serie catched me and left me literally addicted to it.


Is an american web serie, produced by Netflix, and created, written and directed by the sisters Wachowski and Michael Straczynski.

Sense8 relate the history of 8 persons, who don’t know each other, who belong to different countries cultures, races and sexual orientations

Will Gorsky

A policeman from Chicago, United States

Riley Blue

A Dj born in Island.

Capheus Onyango

Better known like "Van Damme" he drives a Matatu (minibus)and is from Nairobi.

Sun Bak

A businesswoman from Seoul, South Korea

Lito Rodríguez

Is a Mexican actor of action movies, Lito is gay, but for “his work” is something that not everibody knows.

Kala Dandekar

Is a hinduist pharmaceutical chemistry from Mumbai, India

Wolfgang Bogdanow

He is a expert thief of safes from Berlin, Germany

Nomi Marks

Is a transexual girl from San Francisco, United States

The history begins when all at the same time experiment the tragic dead of a women trought visions or dreams, what allows them know that they are connected mentally and emotionally

This connection allows them to comunicate, feel each other and share they knowledge, languages and habilitys

The serie is compose by 2 seasons, season 1 has 12 episodes and the season 2 will have 12 episodes too, the last one, the final of the serie is out this June 8th on Netflix.

I don´t want to give much information about the serie because is worth the time you take to watch it. personally I Love It, and is a shame this end too soon!

I hope you try to watch and you like it as much as I do!

Thanks gor being here, read me and all your support!


This actually is one of my favorite shows, so sad it's not going to make it to the third. However, I am ecstatic about the final episode! Which character's story line you like the most?

Yeah.. I know... is so sad.. I think the plot has much more to give! But well I enjoy each moment..
My favourite character? Well, all have something particular that I love... But I have to say I love Lito with Hernando, and Amanita with Nomi, they show us the true love of a couple..

Thanks for reading!!!

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