Anime Movie Review: 'A Whisker Away' Will Make You Cry If...

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Do you know what it feels like to come from a broken family? Have you experienced the pain of being unhappy even as a little kid? Have you ever felt betrayed at such a young age when you don't even know what betrayal means? If yes, then please don't watch the anime movie A Whisker Away unless you want to tear your heart out.

As you are reading this, you don't know my tears are falling uncontrollably... Oh... Oh wait. Now the tears aren't falling anymore... thanks to the first paragraph. Now it's all over.

Let me just blow my nose first. * blows nose *


So anyway, as I was saying let me write a movie review of A Whisker Away. It was just released on Netflix last month, on June 18 to be exact. I suggest you watch it first before you finish reading my review.

Warning: Some spoilers ahead.

Read at your own risk. 😊

🔸Read the full review in Palabas in Da Past!

Anyway, lemme know which scene affected you the most if you've already seen it. If not then well what are you waiting for? Haha. What do you think of the movie based on my review?



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