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Thanks for this weekly opportunity.
You were introduced to steemit by @ttopswag

My entry for this week; image

I was going for clearance this particular morning. I really like the picture because I was able to smile despite the pain I'm going through at that moment, been battling toothache for 9 days as at then (swollen gum and accompanying fever).
The khaki didn't get me a discount at the dental clinic (contrary to my opinion).

Have a beautiful weekend my selfie family. I love you.

I nominate @druids @lurvie-b @lisbethk


Fine corper. How is your tooth?Hope you are feeling much better?

Getting ready for surgery...I'm much better though. Thank you

Surgery?for removal?is there no herbal remedy that you can use to treat it?

Unfortunately, no. Impacted tooth, the radiograph revealed

Waoh, even with the pain, your smile is as radiant as ever. Sorry for the pain 😑

Thank God we don't look like what we've been through or what we're going through...
You look so beautiful despite everything, receive your healing in Jesus name!

So u had a pain in the tooth and you could'nt tell me?
Sorry love, how it is now?


I'm much better. Thank you.

You are pweety.

Awwn. Thank you

I really hope you are feeling better 🙏😘

Yes dearie. I am, thank you.
Good to see your face again. Beautiful as always.

Sorry about your tooth dear