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Just found another awesome thriller movie and i to share it with you people. It seems a little "R" rated movie but i am sure you guys are going to love it, if you haven't watched the movie yet.

It's a story about five married guys who secretly plans and share a penthouse loft in the city and carry out hidden affairs and indulge themselves in sexual fantasies until they discover a dead body. They begin to suspect on another who is responsible in this murder affecting their friendships.


Really nice trailer&sexy too

This is a useless remake. The original Belgian Movie is far far better.

Well I'm surely going for this movie. And by the way I'm enjoying this movie"the jungle" . Nice movie

watching movies in free time with friends, girlfriends or family is fun, fun if movies in theaters fit the mood, watching romantic movies with boyfriends, watching horror movies or war movies with friends, creating the right moments to be memorable if one day you come back to watch this movie again.!!