This Girl is Internet's New Sensation

in #entertainment4 years ago

This girl name is Priya Prakash Varrier and she is all over social media now days, ever since her video surfaced online three days ago.

I am sure you are wondering what made this girl so popular over social media all of a sudden. It is this half minute video clip which is from her coming movie that went so viral on social media and she became an overnight star even without her movie yet being released.


Very funny and innocent

this video was very interesting....specially the girl looks very cute....her expression was outstanding.recently this video get enough popularity..

happy steeming

I like the viral video.

the smile of the lady was really sweet, I also fell in love to see it :D it should be viral..

Yup, the video is really viral.
But there are also lots of funny trolls along with it too.
She became a star overnight :)

We're living in times when anything can go viral in no time. These are the times with the fastest flow of information. Social media bring us what state owned traditional media(radio, tv, newspapers) hide.

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I saw this video...Unbelievable beautiful expression of beautiful eyes...

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