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Good points, although I cringed each time I read - "Man of the House"
I think for me all of it comes down to relationships where no one wants to compromise. Your final thought says it well and can be applied to a lot of relationships, friendships, work-relationships as the big thing is people who can't listen, think, then act within measure then they try to gang up and I said it is not about roles but I do think there is a sense of hierarchy or even better diplomacy.

I have only once in my life had to actually yell at someone out of frustration and never again, I have since then not found a relationship situation where I can't just leave it be and play the long game instead, maybe I learned that from my gran since she was a bit of a psychological breakdown artist - with a belt. lol


Hey @penderis! I agree with you, the sentiments expressed can be applied to other relationships, and yes it seems no one wants to compromise. It's interesting that you "cringed" each time you read 'man of the house'. I don't know whether you're male or female but many women have a problem seeing men, or the man they're married to as the 'man of the house' which he actually is, (hopefully there isn't any others!!..ha!ha!). It doesn't mean he's superior or anything like that, it's simply a matter in our gender roles, we see, hear and feel things differently.

I suppose our social conditioning can make it difficult to listen when all we know, given our histories, experiences and backgrounds, to attack, protect and defend, and yes we can take on habits from the people around us, I can relate to that, which isn't always good habits as you point out!

Thank you for your insightful comment. Peace.

Thank you for reading my post on your search to verify my gender, glad you figured out I am a male, I am also the same dude in my avatar if that helps - it does not, I just like my avatar.

I cringed because of the negative connotation I associate with that phrase, which is maybe odd since I would not cringe at "Woman of the house" which probably means I have the same issue as anyone from the 1940's and their backwards way of thinking about female "duties", I agree that it is our gender roles that give us these identities and this is just a fact to accept, the ying-yang of domestic life, it does not mean you have to be that gender though just for anyone that might be reading this from the peanut gallery.

You have made me think that in the end that being "the man of the house" can not only be used sarcastically to enrage or belittle but also to just mean "anchor".

Looking forward to more posts with your refreshing take on things, since to be honest the internet seems to have lost its marbles and everyone has Snowflake Tourrets yelling out they found a marble and a shitty part of an idea the guy marking down the marbles name them according to the shitty part of an idea and since the marbles are all jumbled up as they come in the list becomes a manifesto for people who clearly don't understand a good unscramble puzzle when they see one.

P.S I am part of the BuddyUp discord community and if you ever want to check it out you can drop in and have a chat - Our Discord SafeLink post here

Haa!haa!.."anchor" indeed! Thank you for the invite @penderis, I'll drop by and check you out. Peace.