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Our selfies keeps getting better and we can't stop slaying all week, everyday!! ~@soorefunmi


Walks in dancing to soco by wizkid. Your queen is back and #selfiesaturday is back like it never left. Guess what? Exams are finishing today!!! 😀😀😀, its been a long semester and i can't wait to go home and add a little more weight, lol. So let's not waste any more time, it's time for business.

Welcome to the seventh episode of #selfiesaturday. Grab a bowl of popcorn and a cold drink, it's time to enjoy our saturday.

If you are new here and you don't have an idea of what #selfiesaturday means, take a minute to read the invitation post HERE.

Our contest rules still remains:

  • Follow me (Not compulsory though)
  • Upvote this post to increase the reward pool.
  • Resteem this post to increase its visibility. (I would be checking)
  • Comment with a picture of your favorite selfie from the week, tell us why you like the picture.
  • Comment on at least two people's selfie picture (the aim is to socialize, right?)
  • Tag at least 3 more friends to participate (Let us make #selfiesaturday popular, i would be checking!!!)

Please ensure you follow the rules, i would hate to disqualify anyone 😭. Our guest judge today is our very own @mimy. (y'all be nice and welcome her warmly).

Winners to #selfiesaturday episode #5 and #6 is up already, check out the post HERE

My #selfiesaturday entry.


I love this picture because the "unlooking" style looks good on me 😊😊😊.

@jeaniepearl, @zizymena and @gee1, its time to take this challenge and show the world your fine faces.

Fun corner!

Who introduced me to steemit? (first three correct answers win 0.1 sbd/steem each)

@camzy, @ehiboss, @ttopofficial and @gee1. Every participant of #selfiesaturday and every body that cheered the contestants. Thank you all 😘.
You can reach me on whatsapp (+2347063525189) or send me a message on discord if you have suggestions or you want to support the show.

May your week make you feel as good as taking a beautiful selfie on the first attempt.

Love and light,
Queen of hearts 💕,




Today we had a meet up here at uyo.
And i really enjoyed it, it was awesome.

I nominate @druids, @julietisrael and @geekis

I wanted saying cute eyes but she covered it with glasses. I'm coming.

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Good morning guys,
Na still your girl bouqui oo.
I love this selfie picture because its beautiful and i look amazing in it.
Feel free to lick your screen guys, lol...

@preciousimo @smyle @dtwo, lets see your handsome faces oooo.

You were introduced to steemit by @ttopofficial.

Thank you for your time guys..........
I love you all!

Awwn.....so sweet....making me miss my low cut days

Low cut sweet oo, your head and hair recieves baptism of water daily.
Thanks dear....

Sweet lowcut.Beautiful you!

Thanks love...

I love your hair , natural and short , you remind me of my best friend when she cut her hair short , hehe but now it grew 😘😘 so cute .

Blushing already....
Thank you dear!

Thanks for this weekly opportunity.
You were introduced to steemit by @ttopswag

My entry for this week; image

I was going for clearance this particular morning. I really like the picture because I was able to smile despite the pain I'm going through at that moment, been battling toothache for 9 days as at then (swollen gum and accompanying fever).
The khaki didn't get me a discount at the dental clinic (contrary to my opinion).

Have a beautiful weekend my selfie family. I love you.

I nominate @druids @lurvie-b @lisbethk

Fine corper. How is your tooth?Hope you are feeling much better?

Getting ready for surgery...I'm much better though. Thank you

Surgery?for removal?is there no herbal remedy that you can use to treat it?

Unfortunately, no. Impacted tooth, the radiograph revealed

Waoh, even with the pain, your smile is as radiant as ever. Sorry for the pain 😑

Thank God we don't look like what we've been through or what we're going through...
You look so beautiful despite everything, receive your healing in Jesus name!

So u had a pain in the tooth and you could'nt tell me?
Sorry love, how it is now?


I'm much better. Thank you.

You are pweety.

Awwn. Thank you

I really hope you are feeling better 🙏😘

Yes dearie. I am, thank you.
Good to see your face again. Beautiful as always.

Sorry about your tooth dear

Me self show face oo
It been a while i took pictures oo
So i took this on thursday
@soorefunmi baby😘
@camzy where is that your sepeteri face

Fake dimples😝
Mine is more real


Selfies are for ***e people

biko shift

Hey guys , I almost didn't make it. But I'm still on time I hope ❤️🖤💜 , so this is my pic


This was taken yesterday , as I finished my exams , that is the reason I love this pic , cause it reminds me , there will be hard days in my life , but not forever , they will pass...I just need to trust myself , believe I can do it and work hard.

I would love to nominate @officialhord ,@simgirl , @shonyishere.

You go girl.
Keep believing in yourself.

As beautiful as ever. Good to see you this week

Lemme drop this one here
me and my turn boy girl friend (nobody should ask me anything about the bush behind)
where is @millymartz we are waiting for yours


Millymartz ko, millylilly ni