Pakistans First YouTuber Who gets Gold Play button from YouTube

I just wrote this blog on my website Beginnie and wanted to share it my steemit friends. The blog is about The famous Pakistani Youtuber. Hopeyou guys like it.

Nadir Ali Khan is the first YouTuber Who is awarded with Gold Play button by YouTube, born on 16 June 1931.

he is the founder of a comedy YouTube channel, P 4 Pakao and became the first Pakistan based YouTuber to receive YouTube Gold play and silver play button by crossing 1 million subscribers .

he announced this news himself by a post on his Facebook page,P 4 Pakao showing his happiness on receiving Gold play button and Silver play button by YouTube.

Ever since YouTube has opened up its partnership program in Pakistan allowing YouTubers from all over the country to finally make money from their videos.there has been a significant rise in Pakistani YouTubers. Even before this great contribution there were quite youtubers who were working on their videos but the number has eventually increased in recent years.

Out of all them Nadir ali has marked his name by being the first pakistani youtuber who is awarded with gold play button

Nadir Ali has become quite popular among Pakistanis and Indians mainly with his funny videos and pranks.

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