Jim Carrey - Dark Crimes (Official Trailer)

in #entertainment4 years ago

Jim Carrey is back in movies and this time we don't see him do comedy which he is known for but rather see him in a serious role as an obsessive detective solving a murder mystery crime.

Here is the movie trailer.

We see Jim Carrey investigate a murder of a businessman and a prime suspect is a crime writer. He finds that the murder case is similar to a murder case in a book that is written by the crime writer himself and so believes the writer to be the killer.

The story some what is bit similar to a hindi movie "Ittefaq" i watched, where the real killer was the writer himself who planned everything and killed his wife by trapping a couple blamed for a murder.

Not spoiling anything it's a different movie the trailers don't reveal anything, but for sure is going to have a lot of twist and suspense along the way.

The film will be released in theaters on May 11, 2018.


I'm definitely intrigued!

It's going to be a superb movie i suppose

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Love Jim Carrey.
Good power and energy to him.
Thanks for the post.

That looks like a MUST see. I am anxious to see him in a such a serious role. Thanks for posting.

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