STOCKMARKET: Start Investing to as low as Php 5000!

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Dear Friends:
Start Investing to as low as Php 5000 for your initial investment and a minimum of Php 1000 for each of your additional investments. Instead of saving your money in banks with less than 1 percent of interest, better invest it in mutual funds with a concervative average interest of 12 percent to as high as 18 percent and even more.
One of the our supported invesrment companies is Phil Equity. Phil Equity is one of the Best Performing Mutual Funds in the country today.
We advise also that you think of the long term benefits and investments and consider it as your means to achieve your retirement Goals.
Should you need further guidance or want to learn about mutual funds and other portfolio investments including stocks and bonds, you may attend our free seminars by registering to the following link:
Phil equity Management

Invest now click here


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