Everyone leads!!! You lead yourself, your customers, your team, your followers

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Leadership is impact and influence... the more you lead the more your income grows!

Sooo.. how do we lead better?
How do we inspire people to want to follow us???

Leadership is about giving!! Giving unconditionally!

💥Giving time!
💥Giving positive vibes!
💥Giving energy!
💥Giving your knowledge!
💥Giving your heart and letting them in!
💥Giving them hope!!

Actionable things to do to be a better, more giving leader:

1.. Connect!!
Truly connect and listen to their heart and fears!

2... Ask questions..
That shows you care about them!

3... Remember their meaningful moments!
Birthdays, anniversaries, etc

4... Like their dang FB posts!!
Doesn’t cost anything and they see you!!!

5... Share their posts! Promote their missions!

6... Reach out for no reason!! No agenda!!
10 people a week... just reach out and say...
Hi, I hope you and your family are doing well!!

7.. Connect them with new influencers and friends!!

8... Build their belief in themselves!!
Most people have such small belief in themself!!
Be the belief builder!!

Be the magnetic, amazing leader you were meant to be!😊

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