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Awoo! is the invisible paw of the eos blockchain.

Steem + team collaboration on awesome missions + crowdfunding = AWOO!

Awoo! is a collaboration platform with it's own utility token that incentivizes human action toward the creation of value.

Anyone can start a mission. Anyone can fund or stake a mission. Anyone can input a thought post or an action and earn ‘mutton’ tokens via the upvotes that they receive.

When the Mission is achieved... everyone who contributed funds, stake, upvotes, ideas, creativity, code, promotion, social shares, ditch digging, artwork, hacking, anything good... will benefit.

Actually, all Mutton token holders benefit because in the Awoo! DAC... incentives are aligned... whereby all achieved missions add value to the entire platform... and thus, the platforms native utility token -> mmmmutton!

Awoo! is a true DAC. (decentralized autonomous community) as described in this video by guru Brock Pierce. Watch here ->

Awoo! will Airdrop 'mutton' tokens on all EOS token holders, one fortnight (two weeks) after the EOS community blockchain is launched.

Target Date of Mutton Airdrop: May 13th 2018.

1 MUTTON tokens for every 1 EOS token will be distributed to EOS token holders; including the 10% of EOS held by

Hopefully our dev team; Neo, Oskar, and Tuan... will impress sufficiently enough that they deploy upon us a small seed round so that these young developers can eat mutton on sourdough sandwiches.

There will be more mutton tokens distributed to participants of Awoo! during the development and traction testing faze which will run in parallel and have already started.

Stay tuned for actions where a you can earn hundreds of Mutton tokens!

Yeah seriously… I’ll keep posting on

Thanks for reading. Awoo!

Troi Bryan - co-founder of Awoo!


Awesome! The trend of airdropping on EOS holders is very encouraging for creating valuable base community around EOSIO to further support all the DApps being created. It's also great to see Block.One's financial backing for the creation of DApps as well. Thanks for the mention, support is building - 2018 is going to be amazing.

Interesting, EOS is a very exciting platform, I'm excited to see what you guys come up with! Love the logo! Followed and resteemed :)

You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote!

May 13th? I think you mean June 13th. The EOS blockchain won't launch until June. Am I right or am I getting confused somehow? Seems like an awesome project though. I'm really excited for the EOS blockchain launch and to see all the cool dapps that all you developers come up with!

Yikes! Great catch! I have to update the website too!

We'll shoot for the full moon (Awoo!) on July 27th 2018 for the airdrop of Mutton on EOS token holders. We'll learn from what the Everipedia team does and what advises.

Thanks @cryptobug. We owe you some Mutton. ;)

I want Mutton!!

Very cool!!

More fantastic EOS news! Will be resteeming and buying more EOS!

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