EOS Meetup In Houston This Thursday | January 11th, 2018

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There 37 Slots Available

The meetup is located at

 2700 Post Oak Blvd | Floor 20 | Room 20G | Houston, TX 77002   

5pm - 7pm (CENTRAL TIME)

I am preparing an infographic video presentation and the future use-cases of this multiblockchain technology that'll be the operating system for building enterprises on blockchain. We will have snacks and refreshments available to our guests. Space is limited at our first EOS Meetup but we will expand the venue and space when we do our second meetup with EOS staff present. VERY EXCITING!! 

Video Presentation - 15 Minutes

Speakers - 15 Minutes

Q&A Discussion - 30 Minutes

Hangout - 60 minutes


EOS will be so good after launching in June. Don't forget to claim/activate your EOS !

Wow, I really wish I could attend, but I live in New York.

Dude host one in NYC then :facepalm: ;)

No, I'm not a host. lol

Oh and on Whaleshares you do what? Tsktsk, crawl out under that rock will ya? ;)))

I'll love to be at this meet-up
Really need to learn more about this.
Nice post

And i live in Nigeria

Would have loved to attend 😑


Today one year ago you joined SteemIt
Thank you, for making SteemIt great and Steem on for more years to come!

(You are being celebrated here)

Hey rascal, how was it? ;)