Entry for EOS Angels Block Producer Application Form Design

in #eos-projects4 years ago

Finally a design contest where I have somewhat of an idea of what i'm doing!! :D

This is my entry for the [EOS Angels] WEBSITE DESIGN CONTEST. Since the form wont fit in one screenshot, I'll just be providing a link to the deployed version of the page.

A snapshot of the form

It took me over 5 hours to do the design since I'm not really good with UI, but it's a design that I'm proud of.

A snapshot of the source code

Here's the deployed version where people can test it out! https://eostest.000webhostapp.com/

What do you think of the design? If you have any suggestions to make it better I'm more than open to suggestions!

Huge thanks to @officialfuzzy and @steempowerpics for hosting this contest! :D


Awesome, it looks great.
Did the lady lady give you a hand? xD

Sure did, I would be afraid that It'd look like that other one I made for the Hub if she didn't xD

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