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RE: The State of EOS Governance: ECAF & {{ regarbitrator }}

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For ANYONE spreading FUD that EOS is somehow centralized and arbitrarily reversing transactions or freezing accounts "without any reasons" yo guys are not looking at this correctly,

First of all, eos accounts frozen were frozen to PROTECT them... it wasnt a case of EOS "freezing" random accounts like for drug dealing or whatever... no it wasnt that it was a case of users REQUESTING this freeze tyo save their assets!

there will be no rampant EOS double spending scams

EOS already re enabled on bitfinex and binance to follow

ethereum has the same license agreement and is centralized and can reverse transactions...

what EOS is doing is making crypto SAFE

big players werent going to invest in crypto because it was NOT safe and now EOS IS becoming SAFE

peopel dont care about the same things crypto anarchists care about...

EOS will attract all the real money in the world as people see you cant get your money stolen....
will there be a few exploits? sure but it will still be better than ethereum and bitcoin where u get money stolen and thats it
honestly steem should be reversing trancstions from KNOWn scammers and phishers, the Steem WItnesses can all egree to those sorts of thinsg and why not? why shouldnt we force money out of scammers accounts who still have powered up stolen funds? of course exchanges too can be alerted liek NEm did, you can instead of reversing tarsnctions u just make sure exchanges mark thso eaccounts, haha steem mixers will pop up if they havent already
Its a blockchain so u cant just make fake case dof coin theft
you eitehr had your coins stolen or u didnta nd the b;lockchain proves it
just like when we have stolen accounts on steem!