Nice! Don't see Dash doing anything interesting this year...

Yesteraday i analyze eos bought at $9 next target $20
check my profile for more detail
EOS will break $12 next target $20

D looks too high. Is it within the rule? Ive been having more luck with TD and plain old price action lately than i ever did with pattern trades.

EOS is going to do big things. Just read about a possible STEEM partnership in another post. The future is bright.

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@salahuddin2004 Yep. Glad I snatched up some at 50 cents. I just wish I had bought more!

Was great SetUp! Sir ancapwarren! Let’s move on

This app looks great! Is it on Android? If so then what is it called I would love to download it and check it out. I like the white background! Is it CoinMarketApp from Programonks? That app seems to be having a dark background

It's just coinmarketcap as displayed by the Brave Browser for Android. Great browser.