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Recently it was announced that memorandum was signed between Deloitte and Waves Platform which was the first multibillion dollar organization to enter into the ICO market and this has started to attract other great multinational organization in becoming traders and investors of ICO. 

An ICO - Initial Coin Offering is a means or way of crowdfunding a news cryptocurrency even before its released. Generally, tokens for the new cryptocurrency are sold to raise money for technical development before the cryptocurrency is released. 

It was recently stated that Bancor Network’s ICO which raise $150 Million was supported and endorsed by Tim Draper. Recently, Marc Cuban of Dallas Mavericks was reported to be planning to invest in ICO campaign for eSports gambling own start-up UniKrn. But the reality is the ICO is very risky at this moment as no one knows and could speculate the viability of the projects and what products they will be offering. EOS, Bancor and most others are yet to release a tested version of their proposed products and some other are still in the Alpha stage while most are yet to enter Beta. 

Meanwhile, the worth and valuation of ICOs can be specific at the moment as we can value with current revenue, subscribed users, advertisement, amount raise and other media projections. Having said all this, putting money and investment in ICOs should still have to be don’t based on the credibility of past projects of the owners and the released papers incuding vision and mission of the ICO project. 

Life its self is risky but we must still take bigger risk to become bigger in LIFE. 

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Waves platform is looking interesting. Did you try it out ?

@bewajijohnson, what's your favourite ICO of the past few months?

For now its only that just ended.
I too much time to study the trend and whitepapers

Great! How Do You Think About Future & what should we do?

Followed for more cryptocurrency news

Thanks. Will be sending them faster than you think...

ICO its a scam or legit ?
should we invest in?
thank you for this post

great post very informative

Thank you. Also please follow @bewajijohnson

Hey @bwajijohnson, thanks for the article and congratulations on your work! I've also been writing a bit about ICOs in my own blog. If you'd care to take a look, I've been trying to develop an ICO Valuation methodology. I've been through how not to get scammed and how to properly evaluate an ICO team. Also, I put some alerts out for a possible ICO Bubble, as have the CFA Institute.

To facilitate the way people keep up with ICOs I came up with the Ultimate ICO List and an ICO resources list.

Hopefully you'll find some of that useful.

Looking forward to your reading new posts of yours and hearing your thoughts on mine ! Cheers

Interesting news! From speaking with some investment experts and an crypto-lawyer recently I think that ICOs will continue to get bigger but ultimately remain very niche. However, I think the speed at which the technology enables an investment to be made must be taken on board by traditional investors, such as VCs etc.

I was wondering what is ICO, and you solved my doubt. Thank you for sharing this information, mate!

You are most welcome. Please follow @bewajijohnson to keep have news update on cryptocurrency

SUCH potential

Thanks for your comment.

Interesting post. Thanks for sharing about this platform.

You are most welcome. Thank you.

nice and informative, love this quote "Life its self is risky but we must still take bigger risk to become bigger in LIFE. "

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