EOS Dapp Delegator going to EOSHackathon - community help needed

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Hello EOS community,

there is less than a month to go before the EOS blockchain starts its unstoppable journey. We are super excited and want to contribute to this movement.
We are an international team coming from Canada, Rumania and Austria. We set ourselfes the goal to build one of the first useful dapps on EOS.

We want to take part at the first EOSHackathon!
This is a programming contest taking place in Hongkong and to get us there we need the support of the community:
The teams with the most youtube likes will get the chance to travel there, show their skills and maybe meet the BLOCK.ONE-Team. So read through our idea and then hit like on youtube. (Only likes on youtube will count!)

Introducing Delegator - a marketplace for renting EOS storage and bandwidth


The Problem:

Imagine a social or gaming application on the blockchain. They will consume a lot of bandwidth and storage. Without our platform they would need to buy a lot of EOS tokens to make sure their users can use their service. On the other side there are many hodlers that are not even using all of the bandwidth and storage that they are entitled to.

The Solution:

We want to bring both of these sides together. With Delegator we design a system where hodlers can rent out their unused tokens and dapp developers can buy bandwidth and storage capacity according to their needs. It’s a win-win situation. Dapp developers don’t need to buy massive amounts of tokens and people owning EOS can earn passive income. We think that this will be a very valuable function because dapp developers can dynamically adjust their usage, which eliminates a barrier to enter the market.

That's our idea and here is the video:
Click LIKE on youtube and help us with an upvote:

Our team

Ciobotariu Narcis Paul Dumitru
Masters degree in distributed systems working in IT

Samuele Agostinelli

Smart contract and Webdeveloper

Dominik Hauger

Studying medical informatics, Smart contract and Webdeveloper


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