BitSpace EOS Block Producer - Building the EOS Community

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Here is the third and last part of our short-film series. We hope you like it!

If you missed the last ones, you can see part 1 here. and part 2 here.

Please see the full BitSpace EOS Block Producer Candidacy proposal on Steemit here.
You can also find our EOS Block Producer Roadmap here.




That's great to watch and in my opinion the basic and same time very important aspect is multiple community initiatives, as mentioned in the video as, meetups and educational conferences, these community initiatives truly control the graph of adoption, and if these steps are initiated effectively then for sure the base of particular project will be strong and all types of Enthusiasts will attract towards this project. And great to hear the words and watch the enthusiasm of team and yes the the collective experiences and activities can start the new productive revolution. Thanks team for this great video piece and keep up the amazing work. Wishing you an great day team. Stay blessed. 🙂

This is incredible my friend
This is great exposure to EOS I must say
Kudos ?
Keep steeming and touching lives

Great infromation sir Upvote & Resteem Done

your 3rd part about EOS also great & wonderful. your 1st & 2nd part video was also so beautiful. i am enjoying it. because i like EOS so much.. now EOS price is 13.62$ & i hop its going to 20$ as soon as possible. & one day EOS going to top.

best of luck @bitspace..

Wow my mind is blown away right now with the the initiative bitspace is bringing to block chain. You guys rocks

Seeing this video , I was highly overwhelmed by the analysis of bitspace , EOS and blockchain as a whole .
The man said

Blockchain is one of the best things that happens in technology, next world technology.

This I totally agree with, crypto is the future

amazing video sir about EOS. I am enjoying your all part... EOS now 5th position in coinmarketcap. just amazing. i think one day eos going to 1st position.

wish you best of luck.

EOS Community Best Platfrom I Really Like This Platfrom

I really love your videos mostly on Eos talk, I bought some Eos but still searching for money to buy more, thanks for sharing with us.

I always support your post & video Your All Post Best. Resteem Done

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Bitspace and especially since it is based on EOS and blockchain is something revolutionary as you guys well described in your video.It brings together all those features that will help for a new decentralized world.
Congrats for your efforts and lets just hope that eventually world...will finally understand

thank you for the post, this is very useful for me, and keep me proud of each postingannya from you

Have been following your videos
I must admit this is really great
Awesome project I forsee....Keep the light shining

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