First EOS Academy Workshop

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BitSpace launches educational initiative for EOS

EOS Academy is a large-scale community initiative led by BitSpace as an EOS Block Producer. The Academy is an educational institute constructed to teach new developers about EOS and encourage the development of decentralized applications to add value to the EOS ecosystem.


BitSpace hosted the first EOS Academy workshop in Ternopil, Ukraine on the 31st of May in cooperation with StartupSoft. The two-day event consisted of a general and technical introduction to EOS, and a workshop.


In the coming months, EOS Academy is hosting workshops throughout the BitSpace network, including international BitSpace locations, as well as partner hubs and innovation labs. EOS specialists from around the world will be flown in to give lectures and seminars to new and existing audiences.

The goal is to educate a new generation of EOS coders that can contribute to the growth of the EOS DApp ecosystem.


The first EOS Academy event was a success. Introducing new developers to the EOS ecosystem increases diversification in the community and inspires creativity.

By introducing the philosophy behind Daniel Larimers work and explaining the opportunities on EOS, we can encourage developers to build decentralized applications that change the way we interact with the world.

We look forward to building the EOS Academy further and hosting more educational events to teach entrepreneurs and developers about EOS.

If you want to become an EOS Academy ambassador or an EOS mentor or teacher, please contact us at [email protected] Also, if you are a coder or an entrepreneur, and are interested in attending and learning at the EOS Academy, please do reach out to us, and we’ll help you find the next EOS Academy in a location near you.


EOS Election

Bitspace is a Block Producer Candidate for the EOS.IO Blockchain. Below is an article we wrote on how to use your EOS to vote.

BitSpace BP Account name: BITSPACENODE




Amazing. I have a feeling many EOS centric workspaces are going to pop up in the near future :)

Same feeling too
The potentials is really amazing
I hope it reaches Africa too

Most welcome [email protected] and good morning.m

Most welcome to sir..

Amazing… it will be good if similar one can be done in Hong kong

Good news!
EOS making giant strides
Great effort @clains and your team
Where in Ukraine is EOS academy?

Thank you Micky, and good catch! Post is updated now. The first workshop was organised in Ternopil, Ukraine. We're considering Lviv for the next one, but it's not decided. We'll keep you posted!

Can you please extend your amazing works to Africa.
I hope to work with a vibrant and dynamic team as yours

Thank for you and most welcome to [email protected] boss..

Great initiative, this will definitely be an accelerator for eosio innovation and adoption! Great job!

nice team and photos. congratulations for the informations.

Congratulations for the [email protected]: bitspace sir..

Awesome photos!

Good day, please I was ask the meaning of EOS.
I will like you to help me out with the full meaning of the Abbrivation EOS.

Wow, looks awesome. I wish you guys the best of luck. Love seeing people use EOS.

Good job guys, this is a real post, bery good project.

This is great job .The future of EOS is well planed . That's why also I buy more on the lower price . I believe in the future !

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Team, first of all i want to congratulate you for hosting first EOS Academy workshop in Ternopil, Ukraine. And this EOS academy in my opinion will produce future Developers and Entrepreneurs who will contribute to the future Decentralised Applications and will going to give that core strength to the EOS Economy. And we can see the enthusiasm on the faces of participants who attended this workshop, and this excitement and enthusiasm is showcasing that future have good leaders.

And i hope that EOS academy will guide more budding developers so that they can associate with the Blockchain Sphere because Blockchain Sphere is future and who will join their journey in this Sphere they are pioneers of future.

Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day team. Stay blessed. 🙂

Your initiative is very good, I congratulate you

Wavery nice Movement

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@bitspace, Inisiatif besar, ini pasti akan menjadi akselerator untuk inovasi dan adopsi eosio! Kerja bagus!

A great initiative, this will surely be an accelerator for innovation and eosio adoption! Good work!

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Wow guys I feel so happy for you, I would love to participate in one of these workshops as an oyento, I'm sure that changes our thinking about the EOS in a correct way, they could record a video guys from one of their workshops for their followers here, I will be pending in case they manage to do it. Of course we want to know everything about EOS will be revolutionary.

@clains Please record one of those workshops and share it, in this account there are many followers who support them from their beginnings

I think EOS is the future. There will be a lot more EOS academy/ training courses etc coming on line in the next few months/ years as it really starts to take off. Already there are so many Dapps in development. Exciting times

very good team. I hope you will be useful

Great initiative, this will definitely be an accelerator for eosio innovation and adoption! Great job!

Great stuff! This project is growing very fast. Eos and Bitspace it has to be finished with success.

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