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We are excited to be part of today’s EOS mainnet launch at 13:00 UTC.
In this guide we will provide everything you need to know about the EOS voting process.

BitSpace EOS BP account: bitspacenode
BP.json :

Who to vote for?

There are a number of articles with Block Producer reviews out there. Here are links to some of them (we will keep updating the list as more reviews show up): (CAREFUL - no secure connection!)

15% vote threshold

Once voting for the initial Block Producers is available, you will see announcements from Block Producers you trust, and voting will be open for all EOS token holders. Once 150M tokens have been used to vote, the chain will be officially ratified as the EOS mainnet and will be unlocked to the community. At this point, tokens may be unstaked by token holders and reclaimed after the three-day waiting period.

Get informed!

Well-informed voters are vital to the ecosystem. There are hundreds of candidates that will be asking for your vote. Voting for the 21 active block producers will be an ongoing process. Each EOS gives you 1-30 approval votes. You can give all to one Block Producer or decide to spread your vote geographically to insure that the chain touches all continents and does not become centralized. Think carefully about to whom you decide to give your vote.

Danger ahead!

WARNING: Giving away your private keys to any website, secure or not, is very risky, and may result in that website or a malicious third party stealing all your tokens. Therefore, we strongly recommend against it.

Even though we have a highly secure blockchain we advise extreme caution if you’re considering sharing your private keys on any website. Voting portals may become the weakest point in the EOS ecosystem. Hackers have incentives to make fake phishing sites or pretend they represent reputable parties. It is certain that there will be fake voting portals seeking to trick token holders into sharing their private keys. Most voting portals have not been fully audited by external parties.

Knowing all this, we want to help the community orient themselves. We have divided the voting methods into three levels of security.

1. Cleos - Commandline voting (The safest)

Cleos is the commandline voting tool provided by Block.One. It is the most secure voting solution and the only one audited by external sources. In order to use this tool, you will have to download the latest EOS repository code and compile it locally on your computer. Yes, it is not the most user friendly method, but by far the most secure.

Although it requires a certain level of technical know-how, we strongly recommend that you cast your approval vote using this tool:

2. Scatter + (Less safe)

Scatter is an extension for Google Chrome and Firefox. Eosportal is a community voting portal that utilizes scatter to securely interact with the voting portal without requiring that people type in their private on the website. BitSpace has supported the development of, but this method is still less secure than command line voting, as the code for both of these tools have not yet been fully audited. Scatter is a web interface used to connect securely to the EOS blockchain. Scatter protects your private keys when you use external voting portals. If you want to vote using Eosportal, we recommend using Scatter on Chrome and not Firefox, due to the fact that Chrome has a secure way of validating its extensions.


BitSpace and other Block Producers are in the process of auditing Scatter and Eosportal’s code to make sure that it is secure to token holders.

3. External voting portals (BE VERY CAREFUL)

There are numerable voting portals being developed, and even more to be announced in the coming days. We want to reiterate that external portals are not the most secure way to vote, especially when we do not know who is behind them and if their code has been properly vetted. All good portals should use Https and have secure connections. Make sure to carefully read the url of the voting portal site you are entering. Watch out for phishing sites. Only use methods recommended by your trusted block producers. Do not type your private keys on unsecure or unvalidated websites.

WARNING: Giving away your private keys to any website, secure or not, is very risky, and may result in that website or a malicious third party stealing all your tokens. Therefore, we strongly recommend against it.

Thank you for taking an active part in the EOS ecosystem!

Bitspace is a Block Producer Candidate for the EOS.IO Blockchain


BitSpace and other Block Producers are in the process of auditing Scatter and Eosportal’s code to make sure that it is secure to token holders.

You are the first BP that I have seen come out and say this. I am wanting to use Scatter but I am waiting for validation from several trusted BPs like you. Thank you!

A lot of new users, like me, this thread is very helpful, thanks and greetings from Poland.

You are very welcome! We are also operating in Poland, by the way. You can follow us here

I voted for Bitspace, LiquidEOS & EOS Canada using the LiquidEOS voting app. Very user friendly.

Thank you very much :)

Is there a website ranking the contenders? Otherwise I have no clue who to vote for an do not have time to independently research each choice.

There have been rankings made by some of the block producers, and also by people on Reddit and on Youtube.

This might be useful :)

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Good job @bitspace, it is a subject to review, it helps to choose correctly to vote, THANKS for sharing!

Greetings @bitspace!
Do you allow me to make a Spanish version of this publication?
I think this information is of great interest!

EOS will be the #1 crypto in a few months!!

Thanks for sharing this information, good for eos and congratulations @bitspace

I watched it live on Ivan on tech. was awesome to witness. ✌️ I only coded smart contracts on Ethereum. Going to refresh C++ to try EOS 😎

Yes, Ivan's coding course is great!

I know 😉

I second that.

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aquí te dejo mi voto espero que me sigas y votes en unas de mis publicaciones

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I see that Jeff Berwick also has a block, what do you think about him?

These kinds of information are very useful and informative. We should try to inform each other in this community.

Team goodluck for the launch and now all your hard work will going to reflect after this launch and actually we all are waiting for this launch and literally browsing YouTube to find out Live Streams so that we want to make sure to watch this launch. And i want to really watch the market trends means how market trends will behave once the Mainnet launches because in my opinion EOS can be game changer in Crypto Sphere.

And i want to appreciate Bitspace and team for this time to time update because these updates showcased that everything is on track and all stuff are up to date and good to see you are sharing all guidelines about the secure platforms for voting and less secure platforms for voting and safety of Private Keys.

Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day team. Stay blessed. 🙂

What do you think is ACTUALLY happening here from a macro-perspective?

EOS is trading in all of their Ether for the value of the EOS token that will be available on the new DAWN mainnet, right?

EOS was sitting on 200,000 ETH just a few days ago when someone noticed that they were moved to a custodial wallet.

Obviously in order to prevent SLIPPAGE they will have to let go of those ETH in a very careful manner so as not to crash the market...

Oh, wait, did that just happen?

To learn more about how you could have predicted this sudden drop in the price of cryptocurrencies please make sure to locate the genesis post for this agent profile and follow the instructions promptly.

Are you one of the lucky ones?

I love EOS. Airdrops will evolve the ICO space into making scams a thing of the past. At least in the initial stage.

This is very big information and resteem let everyone see it.

Please read this post (link above) : an account created 200 subaccounts (servants) and is faking some BPc and he is getting votes! we need to make this more viral so the people that are giving the votes to the scammer can cast the votes on the real candidates! please read, share, resteem asap!



good for eos i like and i make a pict whit eos 60D

This is what we all look forward forward to and I believe EOS and bitspace will bring this unto us all. Thanks for the support. Sir, @bitspace.This is amazing @bitspace, we look forward to the update and ofcourse the launch of EOS .

This is amazing, it really worth my time, I wish to resteem it to! Sir, @bitspace.

Thanks for sharing this information post with us and wishing you an great day team. Stay blessed. Sir, @bitspace.

Good bye bitcoin... it's the time when i leave you.. :(

good for eos i like and i make a pict whit eos 60D

I always Support You @bitspace & Your Post Awsome. Impressive introduction to our community! Greetings from Poland.

really awesome concept. i like it so much.& your prasentation is so nice its so helpful.
Thanks for sharing and wishing an great future to @bitspace and team.
wish you all the best.

May the best team win!!!

Thanks for sharing cool info!

very informative post

good for eos i like and i make a pict whit eos 60D

It's everything we're waiting for, of course we will. EOS will be the best of the best. Always count on our support.

tks for provideing information to us

EOS nice fail with mainnet :o

Thanks for giving us this great information.
I strongly believe that eos raise up after launching main net.
Thank you.

Thank you for the great post. am still doing my research for which BP to vote for. but i was wondering how come Voting issue was not well advertise and explained to users way ahead. and to provide tools and more friendly way to. instead of letting users depend on Exchanges to handle the registration and locking their tokens and voting in their behave. Governance and community is something great about EOS, therefore i was expecting much.
Appreciate your feedback.

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Does any-one want to make a :I-Voted-For-EOS-Block-Producers-Meme?

this has been very anti hype of late

Very good information for us the new users of steemit

Thank you for this article. I hope it helps me how to vote. I still have no clue. Let´s EOS be the fulture. Your article will be very helpfull for others. So, Resteemed.

Interesting article. I subscribed to you. Subscribe to me. Let's be friends

i like EOS, thanks for share this information, this is important for us

It's so important that everyone be aware of the risks of voting with anything but cleos. There is a version of cleos called "eosc" that can be downloaded and installed directly on Mac and Windows. It's a lot easier. We have links on our voting site at:

EOSAmericas (eosamericas2) is a block producer candidate running our own highly secure servers - not just cloud servers. We aim to provide a secure, decentralized network and spread EOS throughout ALL the Americas so no one gets left behind. Please take a look at our candidacy at and consider voting for 'eosamericas2'.

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