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RE: Bringing It All Together: A User-Centered Approach to EOS Voting

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I agree with you that there is a lot of confusion out there. My personal opinion is that a lot of the issues are because people are lazy. I think the group should agree on one voting tool moving forward, but it is amazing how many people are just so passive about the whole thing. They didn't bother to register their tokens and haven't been following along and now want someone to step in and do the work for them or just tell them what to do. I am basically a crypto noob, but I have been able to figure things out. The Greymass voting tool is very easy to use. Don't you think it will be harder for those smaller BP's that haven't yet gotten the name recognition to be voted in if branding went away? I am just afraid some really good groups and project would get cast to the wayside. I guess the same thing is already happening with branding, but my question is how do you fix that?


Yep I think we have a real issue here about how the smaller BPs are able to sustain themselves in the current environment to provide the checks and balances against the block votes of the whales