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RE: Bringing It All Together: A User-Centered Approach to EOS Voting

in #eos3 years ago (edited)

It has been my position for some time that the complexity of EOS is overwhelming to the typical crypto enthusiast. We as a community forget that we might as well be speaking Klingon for the vast majority of token holders, and we should move forward int he coming months with a keen understanding of that in everything we put our time into.

Breath of fresh air ... the system at its core is far too complex: CPU, network and RAM ... in Steem all this is decided by staked tokens. Bandwidth exists sure, but it is solely a product of SP and you only see it on a block explorer, or if the network is clogged and you don't have enough. I expected EOS to be just as user friendly and accessible as Steem, but EOS is needlessly complex by design and this is a HUGE barrier to widespread adoption.

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