Platforms Switching over to EOS – September 18 Update

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About a month ago i made a little compilation about projects and platforms that are moving to EOS from other blockchains, most notably Ethereum. Here is the list:

So a month later, and the bear market in full swing it thought it  was a good thing to look at it again and include hints i got from other users. Big thanks to everyone who have been contributing to this list! Not all of those are recent announcements but as they have been lacking in the first article, i am including them now:

EOSisch (myWish – enables SmartContracts without coding) generally aim to be platform agnostic, but user accounts will be based on EOS. (Originally ETH based)

Sentinel Protocol (Security / Anti-Hacking Software)
Fun fact, they announced it in course of a ama video, baffling their own community!
They are moving over from ICON

ZAP (Blockchain orcale)

Eternal Trusts (fiduciary crypto protocol)

No Limit Coin (Fantasy Sports)
They will not use EOS mainnet but intend to build up their own chain, based on an EOS.ioCode Fork.

InstarToken (Insights Networks token)

Elementh (E-commerce) – Building on an blockchain (unconfirmed)

Dual- & Blockchain agnostic projects, introducing EOS support:

XYZ (Blockchain oracle)
They won’t leave Ethereum but announced to support Eos and also play a part in the EOS Alliance

WePower (energy token) – Dual strategy ETh & EOS

And finally…

Augur… well, actually the didn’t announce it…. rather a dev rejected the idea that they would, but did so in a way that revealed that  they were looking into the possibility, which brought some prominent figures to action: think this little updated list demonstrates well, that although we are still in a valley of tears, there is a lot happening around EOS, and that this blockchain is able to convince a lot of players in the field who are looking for scalability and stability. And EOS seems to offer that.

Well this list comprises everything i was able to find. Did i leave anything out? Have you heard of another?

This article has originally been released on Trybe. 


What is really needed is some of the top 200 to start moving over to EOS. Would make a statement then. Thanks for the list - saves me a lot of work - I'm going through it 1 by one to see what EOS holders get as far as drops/grabs go. If I haven't written anything it means no info.

Wish - date 16th Oct- 2 per 100 EOS - doesn't say if you have to register.
NoLoss - nothing for EOS holders

XYO - No info but this is actually a good token - they had a poor start due to poor marketing but the hardware is 100% there - It's a share listed company in which you can buy stocks XYShares (to get round SEC restrictions for US) and tokens.

You are right, the top projects aren't among these, maybe also because they are more closely tied to their platform, or have invested too much already or both...I am not too familiar with any of these projects, some look amateurish other quite promising, looking forward to hear more about those from you....

Step by step, Steem and Eos are going to take the majority of the best Dapps and projects. Undoubtedly.
Good post

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I think the rate of dapps moving over (and partly moving away from well known platforms) is quite impressive given the short time of existence of the eos chain.

Do you think Trybe can compete with steemit, steempeak, partiko etc...?

They are competitors.

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