EOS breaks 3000 TPS on real time platform and sets new record - 19 July 2018

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If you didn't figure it yet, EOS is one of my favorite cryptocurrency out there and I believe that it will prove itself in time. It is a blockchain platform built to support the development of decentralize applications (dAPPS) and promises more than its predecessors. They are braking record after record after they have moved to their own platform and went LIVE.

The last success from EOS is to break the threshold of transactions per second and they claim to be the real fastest transactional platform out there. EOS Network Monitor recorded that the EOS network outperformed up to 3097 transactions per second yesterday, 19th of July 2018.

To give you an idea why this number is so impressive let's look up to the other blockchain technologies highs:

  • Bitcoin - 7 TPS
  • Ethereum - 15 TPS
  • Ripple - 1500 TPS
  • VISA (one of the world’s most popular payment process) - 1700 TPS
  • EOS - 3000 TPS !!!!!

This might just be the tipping point considering the Block.one (the company behind EOS) always had an affinity for scalability through their DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stage) consensus algorithm which is based on 21 elected block producers that validate the transactions and in the end gets to a greater performance/speed. Another innovation brought to the table is the allowance of inter-chain communication which enabled multiple individual blockchains to integrate and work as a single ecosystem. The developers and users of the applications using the EOS underlying infrastructure are excited by this news and happy to have trusted this technology.


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