For those who follow the twitter link. There is a very dangerous phishing ad a couple of lines down.


Note that @bytemasteri7 is not @dan. @bytemaster7 is @dan

Looking at etherscan, there are a LOT of folks transferring ETH to a bogus address.

To those that fell for this, it should be a wake up call to simply check the name and handle for the posts you are viewing. Not only is bytemasteri7 not Dan's handle but his name is not spelled Daniel "Larimier"

EPIC! it will be great hit when launch start, appreciate it

43 authors and 818 commits? This is absolutely amazing. I visualize EOSIO completely taking over. God bless you @dan for these development updates. I will keep EOSIO very close in mind because from sll indications, it looks like the next big thing in the show.

Great news. I have high hopes that EOS will become the dominant platform for enterprise level applications on the blockchain.

lol @dan posts a link on Steemit which points to a post on Twitter which points to a post on Medium. Either way, it was a great blog post and I couldn't be more excited for the launch of #EOS.

He's got this SEO thing all figured out

This is really very special
Welcome to my simple page will be a great honor to me

Great sign of the continuing hard work and thought going into interblockchain communication in particular. As a BP candidate this has been one of our biggest open questions in terms of how best to prepare for it.
Development of EOSIO Dawn 4.0 code is ongoing in the ‘slim’ branch on github. We will be polishing it up and officially releasing it May 11, 2018. At that time we will move slim to master and tag a release. Developers who want to remain on the cutting edge can follow our progress on the slim branch.

@dan I must say this is a great job, you and your team are doing well. I really appreciate the level you guys have gone. And honestly, I can't wait for June.

Excluding merges, 43 authors have pushed 818 commits to github. This puts EOSIO in the top 8 most active c++ projects on github in the past month. As you can see a lot is happening.

Now is now Now
New Market-Based RAM Allocation Model
Rise of Inter-Blockchain-Communication
Upgrade DPOS Last Irreversible Block Algorithm
Name Squatting
Header-only Validation
Light Weight Producer Schedule Change Proofs
Refined Producer Pay Model
Producer Vote Decay
Exchange Integration Support

Daniel Larimer discusses very important issues and he has provided remarkable messages on Twitter, it is a really important thing for the community.

i think eos and eosio are same crypto?

eosio is the name of the software being developed. EOS is the name and call letters of the cryptocurrency

Great news here! I love that puts out detailed updates regularly. It shows that they are working 10x harder and faster than most other blockchain startups these past 12 months. The free market clearly shows it also appreciates this.

EOS is doing well. Kudos to ur team

Wow. We await the test net. Moving over to EOS.... EOSIO to the world

I so do not want to miss out in this...

EOSIO Dawn 4.0 Thank you so much for sharing the topic with community members, this plays an important role.

Off to read and will be back

This is really gonna be a great hit when EOS launches.

Let me redirect to read about this. This eos 4.0 will be mind blowing

EOSIO is Just something else, it grows like fertilized plant and don't think it's stopping

Want anything to succeed? Let @dan handle it!

EOS is on a path to great, in fact greatness is EOS.

Ground breaking achievements you've got here @dan! You have exceeded almost all of our expectations on this project and the Nigerian community is investing as much as possible in EOS. Fantastic work!

EOS is doing well. I already got open EOS on bitshare

The bytemaster strikes back! Woohoo! Let's see!

EOSIO Dawn 4.0 for real?thats epic...its going to moon, way mind blowing
Thanks for sharing this piece

I already got open EOS on bitshare, can’t wait for the launch. I’m over excited and with the price of EOS flying, this is a sign of good future with EOS. More grease to your elbow my friend @dan

Balancing of the demand and supply for RAM. This is a better one I must admit. They can actually buy it down in anticipation of shortages rather than hoarding it. The market determines the prices now i guess?

One of the biggest changes in EOSIO Dawn 4.0 is that we have changed the definition of the current time from “time of head block” to “time of current block”.

I have always admired all you do. When we think Dawn 3.0 is at it's best, now this. You always evolve and improve. This is what sets leaders apart. Ability to see shortfalls and being quick to fix it. You are such an impressive man. This is good. Well done and to the whole team, this is your victory. Congratulations. Cheers.

Amazing project at Dan, your commitment towards EOS and EOSIO is exceptional.
And this has gone ahead to give people so much confidence in the possible impact of EOS in the nearest future. June will be greater!

Wow... You deserve some accolades @dan. Thank you.

EOS will be the end of all else. Brilliantly constructed.

I hear a lot about eos, and even anything is possible with eos. But is this similar to steem blockchain ? a blogging or social media platform ?

@dan i saw you posting the eosio-dawn-4-0 is your page..i believe that is the future...well done champ.



Dan Larimer, let's move out of Twitter. #deletetwitter
And use the blockchain. (BlockPress is an onchain microblogging ecosystem that works super fast and once you've posted your first one, you can breathe differently - since no behind the scenes Twitter-rati checking, collecting, attempting to size up your profile for their benefits!)

And looking forward to the EOS launch!!

Why do not you write a little bit of information in this post @ and, I want to hear an explanation from you .....


Great to hear about the new release. @dan What's the best way to learn EOSIO? Are there resources that you would recommend?

i read somewhere that you developed steemit and so i needed to feel cooler and followed you.

I am only a day old in steemit so feels really special to be following the genius that has created this magnificient platform. @bytemaster7 @Dan