@dan In short, the market will decide whether EOS can be used for developing dApps or just for speculation ? Honestly I am confused like many others on the RAM aspect and how its possible to develop dApps where everything is controlled by market forces. This reminds of the flood in Taiwan few years ago which has resulted in high RAM prices. But EOS seems to behave like a flood any day and anytime and market decides it ? A dApp's RAM requirement on the other hand is independent and unlike a platform like AWS which has a fixed baseline price of the RAM and then spot pricing depending on the market conditions EOS has no way to ensure basic RAM requirements of the dApps at this point in time. Please enlighten us if this is not the scenario.

Based on the algorithm, is removing the EOS in the system used for the market mathematically different than adding RAM? If RAM isn't actually being used, wouldn't it make sense to remove from the EOS side of things first, until we see more real-world applications using RAM effectively?

That's an interesting point @lukestokes ! Great question that help everyone think about the possibility of placing RAM aside until its usage is needed.

Regards, @gold84

Yes, it is different