EOS Go Launch Party Update - Celebrate Five Days This Weekend!

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EOS Go is proud to host over 50 teams and prominent EOS contributors during a full weekend of launch party live video shows. Everyone is coming together in EOS, to help the entire community stay updated during launch. This is a historic event that will only happen once, let's celebrate!

Some details have changed since our first post. Updates:

1) Expanded schedule - now accessible for every time zone! Please note our new start times, with a special double header show on June 3 and 4 to reach the EOS community in Asia.

Launch Party Show Schedule:

Day 1 - Thursday May 31 (prep day): 2:00pm EDT - 7:15pm EDT / 18:00 UTC - 23:15 UTC
Day 2 - Friday June 1st (token distribution ends): 2:00pm EDT - 7:15pm EDT / 18:00 UTC - 23:15 UTC
Day 3 - Saturday June 2nd (code release day): 2:00pm EDT - 9:45pm EDT / 18:00 UTC - 01:45 UTC
Day 4 - Sunday June 3rd, two shows (potential chain launch day):
First stream: 7:00am EDT - 10am EDT / 11:00 UTC - 14:00 UTC
Second stream: 5:00pm EDT - 10:30pm EDT / 21:00 UTC - 02:30 UTC
Day 5 - Monday June 4th, two streams (voter activation day):
First stream: 7:00am EDT - 10am EDT / 11:00 UTC - 14:00 UTC
Second stream: 6:00pm EDT - 9:00pm EDT / 22:00 UTC - 01:00 UTC

2) All launch shows will go live at the EOS Go YouTube channel and a Chinese streaming platform through EOS WTZ, along with English to Chinese translation on June 3 & 4.

3) We'll be unveiling the new EOS Go logo and vision for the future, as we look towards the beginnings of a new internet of value. Empowering EOS, First and Always.

Can't wait to check in with EOS teams from around the world? Get a feel for the launch party shows with this promo from @Topkpop :

Last call for guests to come on the show. Not sure if you qualify? Doesn't hurt to try! Please fill out this form - https://goo.gl/forms/oGGwVS5qEtZzyJDH3

Other aspects of the launch shows may include Q&A from the live stream chat, EOS trivia, champagne during takeoff, and much more. Let's celebrate - Go EOS!

Have suggestions for what you'd like to see? Please email [email protected] ASAP! Our mission calls for empowering EOS through a phenomenal community launch show, so anyone may take part in this world-changing event.

Meet your EOS Go hosts, Kev & Bluejays:


Kev & Bluejays founded EOS Go to help empower the EOS community by providing neutral media, education, and outreach.

EOS Go - Empowering EOS, First and Always.

Software company block.one is creating EOSIO to "deliver on the promises of blockchain".

EOS Go provides outreach, education, and news in a neutral community hub to empower EOS, first and always.

How to Get Involved:

Community Announcements - YouTube - Twitter - Facebook - Forums


Its a good time to take profits, further dumping most likely :)

I've been watching EOS network closely for a while now, you guys doing a great job, wish the project good luck! Looking forward to the main net opening!

@irishabstainer - Thank you, and the main net has potential to revolutionize our world in the coming years. A historic event this weekend - can't wait to see where this journey takes all of us. Go EOS!

So exciting! It would be great to see some updates via steem too - there seems to be a whole lot of FUD around leading up to the launch. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are “technical issues” with YouTube or Facebook accounts linked to EOS.

Hi, good luck and i hope that eos is a massive success.. i think the VC like model is great and intelligent. I do want to ask your opinion about the FUD and the chinese report and also the whole skepticism around the nodes taking off.

I think that this has been a long time in the making and technology improves as it grows. But whats your response to all the risks being highlighted?

There's a lot I don't understand on here about how this launch is working. Doesn't it go live on Saturday, June 2?
And when it goes live, there will be voting, right? It won't work if there aren't enough votes cast, right? So what's voter activation day?

It's a celebration!

Just uploaded a video of the @eosgo team after the Mainnet launch

What an amazing night!