Pomelo - EOS Wallet/Voting App

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We would like to introduce a new EOS community driven project to develop an EOS Wallet/Voting Mobile application that will be compatible with iOS phones (Android coming) which will be built entirely public & open source.

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Included Features

  • iPhone Support
  • Securely import/store your EOS private keys
  • Sign Transactions
  • Vote/Approve/UnApprove for Block Producer(s)
  • Delegate/UnDelegate/Refund CPU & Bandwidth
  • Check EOS Balance / CPU / Net Stake

Planned Features

  • Android Support
  • QR Code Support
  • Buy RAM / Sell RAM

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Built with EOS Love

This community driven project would not be made possible without the hard working & dedicated groups working day & night to make this a reality. The primary design of this application focuses on Enhanced Security for identity, create a standard protocol SDK that other EOS wallets can build on top of, written in modular React Native code to be reused in different React based applications and to write one base source code which supports both iPhone & Android devices.

This community driven project is gladly supported by the following organizations (in alphabetical order): EOSIO.SG, EOS Cannon, EOS Nation & MEET.ONE

Motivation for Native Mobile App

Google Chrome Store is Blocked

Many of the popular CryptoCurrency wallets today use the Google Chrome Store to host their application for ease of download and easy connectivity with web based applications. Unfortunately for the Chinese community the Google Chrome Store is blocked which prevents the EOS Chinese community to download such wallets.

Mobile vs. Browser

Nowadays, more and more people are solely relying on their mobile phone for daily activities with cryptocurrencies compared to Desktop/Browser based applications.

Community Contributions

To make this a reality, we are asking you “the EOS community” to help out with a few of the following contributions:

  • Code review/testing to make sure everything is top notch secure!
  • Design Logos/App Icons
  • Download the app (**not yet released) and share with friends and family

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I would like to use it, but not store my keys on it.

Beautiful! Thank you for the contribution.

Very interesting! Cant wait to hear the community feedback and advice. Always risky to use mobile, but hopefully the security is strong. Thx

Why there is no app for linux ?

For linux, you can use the native EOSIO tools to store your keys and vote for your producers.

$ cleos wallet create
$ cleos import <EOS PRIVATE KEY>
$ cleos system voteproducer prods <VOTER> <PRODUCERS>


I think no mobile phone is secure my strong advice to community is not to put any private key on mobile phone.

The only exception is if this app can use some hardware wallet where there key is been keep secure!

I would also recommend you do not store large amounts of EOS tokens/CryptoCurrencies on any mobile application and large amounts should be stored in a safe location using a cold wallet (or other safe crypto asset storage solution).

You should always consider the following: "Would I keep $200 or $20,000 of FIAT ($cash) in my real-world wallet?" You should assume these CryptoCurrency/EOS wallets the same.

The top priority this project is to keep the private keys secure and safe, you're private key will never leave your device when signing/processing a transaction.

Looking forward to see the communities feedback on this project.

What's the github link?

If you want the community to trust this then you will need to open source the code. Also this may help devs to contribute back to identify possible security bugs. Having said that, well done for making this.

The mobile app has not yet been released, this is just a "sneak peak" of the prototype.

We will be announcing the release whenever it becomes available to the public.

hi, what's the progress on this?

Thanks for sharing. I have to study it @eosnation

when the Android version will released ?

The community keeps delivering, EOS has by far the biggest, most dedicated community in crypto.

You got that right! :)