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RE: EOS New York: RAM Transparency Policy on Purchases & Sales

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We're committed to the success of the EOS blockchain. We have publicly stated that we would prioritize the use of our block rewards in various ways in order to reinvest back into the EOS ecosystem. One of those ways is to advise, fund, or incubate dApps. This could include staking the tokens required to power their dApp. In that case we will purchase RAM and give ample notice of exactly how much and when.


Can we get a 12 char name marketplace please? Something we can use to safely swap account names in escrow?

well, it looks like my projections came true unfortunately. greedy BPs should be voted out for the benefit of the community going forward. that one guy from eos canda needs to simmer down too. way too loud for my, and im sure the rest of community's, liking.

stay away for ram trading if you want to stay a bp in the long run