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RE: How would you leverage blockchain technology to implement a global basic income?

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Somebody get this to Elon Musk and Bill Gates. They’ve already supported the call for UBI and raised the alarm bells that taxes will need to be raised on a per robot/machine model.

While I don’t think they imagine a world without central government player, this could be a model they could subscribe to with their respective companies/circles already, also in order to help the push to a real UBI.

Adopted models always propagate better, especially if people with influence support them.


I'm fairly sure Elon Musk is in a circle where a friend of a friend is sending him this stuff. I don't know about Bill Gates just yet but possibly? The thing is, Bill Gates is so busy dissing crypto that it doesn't seem eh realizes it solves a lot of problems or perhaps he does and he just does not support UBI?

Gates thinks countries aren’t rich enough for UBI yet.

He isn’t against the idea but he believes that first taxes can be raised [from automation] and used to further improve education and also to create more jobs. Education, aside with the eradication of polio and now his focus on malaria, is his big thing. Can’t blame him for that. Maybe we should also fund (online) school programs with the revenue?

As such I think he belongs to the latter part of your reply: he hasn’t gotten the Eureka! moment yet. IIRC he is very vocal about taxes on automation though, hence why I suggested it. Because to me, to us probably, it seems such an obvious fit. As a philanthropist he is also involved in many project which receive tax aid tho [I assume].

Funnily enough, not too long ago Musk reiterated he didn’t have and never had any crypto.

Global UBI wouldn't be divided by nation. For example if people simply join like they do with Steem and then get a daily income from it. But the thing is, Steem income actually is a lot of money in a lot of places. $5 a day is quite significant for a lot of people.

With $5/day you can rent an up/down townhouse in Asia/Africa electricity included (if not using A/C).

Steem isn’t UBI though. Mannabase is (but there’s no incentive for investors so far). Steem is an active earner (for freelancers). More so, Steem is a new economy or has the potential to become an integral new economy.

Steem can change social vertical mobility, now already. That isn’t a factor in UBI. Two different things.

Steem is an option to compliment UBI. A very compelling one, no matter where one is based. Most paid bloggers never make what they can make on Steem. Just check fiverr.

Anyway... now the question is how to get that pitched with Gates. He hasn’t seen the lightbulb go on yet. ;)