EOS RAM Market

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The EOS RAM market has been live since the launch of the EOS main net. It started off slow then ramped up with a huge blow off top. It looks to be continuing a consolidation. Volatility also started off at very high levels and has recently begun to stabilize.

On EOS, RAM is used for holding account data, token data and any smart contracts you may be entered into. Currently the total RAM available from the block producers is 64GB which will be increased in the future. @dan is suggesting that small amounts of RAM get added to every block, once an increase is agreed to, in order to avoid market shock. The RAM price will effect the cost of new account creation, using dApps and even air drops.

If you own EOS and want to do more research or buy and sell RAM please check out these links:


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Dan also suggested to change the underlying Bancor algorithm which currently is very sensitive on volatility.

I think the next day he stated that the formula would not be changed. The error they made in the formula ended up being balanced on both sides of the equation. Most of the volatility has calmed right now in the RAM market so it seems to be working.

Ah, being in holiday mode makes me overlook short term news, anyway this guy has started to change his views on a daily basis now....