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RE: Bringing It All Together: A User-Centered Approach to EOS Voting

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  1. "A forum to have discussions about governance issues on-chain (not in Telegram) and have the outcomes of those discussions turn into referendum or a worker proposal (if necessary)". This makes sense to me, too This needs to be global to have greatest efficiency in meeting the challenges best. On chain = historically recorded. I agree with this point strongly.
  2. The first thing new people should see (and people already on MainNet too): Screen Shot 2018-07-04

    I really like the "New to EOS? | Start here". Don't need to tell them why 'Scatter' is good. Just do it! It's been tested. Everyone uses it. Process streamlined for new people, so the learning curve greatly reduced and not 'huntin' the internet for the key information, like some puzzle. It's damn stressful, judging by many comments seen on different TG groups and Discord servers.
    +1 Agree: Must be built for humans. Regular, everyday humans ;). Essential for successful adoption mainstream, globally. :D
    My 10 EOS worth. Thanks for creating and sharing.

Oh almost forgot: #3: Education. Education outreach programmes. Online Education tutorials read and click tutorials, with immediate feedback Q's and A's? no longer than 5-10 minutes each key module? (What would be deemed/considered essential knowledge?). My Grandma's attention span isn't that great...;) Just saying.