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RE: DApps that Pay: EOSHash & the new Lottery (+ Bonus for Steemians)

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It's actually easier and faster to earn Bitcoin than STEEM anyway....STEEM is too slow to gather and collect. It would take 109 years to get $10 on a post let alone $5! That's impossible. Rather, as you said...another coin like eos would be better. Or even playing in the steem internal market is better and more effective and even MORE FUN than this upvoting thing. Sorry for the rant. Thank you for the update @hatu


How is it easier to earn Bitcoin? Id love to hear that. hehe. :D

I think @gungho refers to the fact that you can potentially join a BTC mining pool.

Pretty sure the goal is to make money, not lose it. :D

No... I mean bitcoin is much more available to earn online with all these faucets, bitcoin farming, lotteries, hi-lo, offer walls, contests, airdrops, and gaming/gambling. For example, I won 0.5 BTC in a contest and it wasn't that hard. At the time, BTC was $6,500. / $3,250 isnt that bad. Now the price has gone down, and I'm sad, but still. There is opportunity, where as STEEM has little chance.

Id love to find a contest like that. The truth of the matter is that Steem is couple hundred times smaller then BTC.... You cant expect to earn that kind of money here.
If steem had BTC market cap id be a millionaire now and my upvotes would be worth who knows how much.
So really you cant compare the two. But steem has "earning" embedded in its system. Btc does not.
Steem has more earning opportunity. Much more.. But you earn less in terms of $ value, simply because Steem is much smaller then BTC.